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SERVICE IMPACTING MAINTENANCE DC74/Segra Charlotte - Sat, Sept 21st thru Sun, Sept 22nd

  • Saturday, 21st September, 2019
  • 22:19pm

Please note: This maintenance only impacts you if your service is in our Segra (previously DC74) Charlotte, NC datacenter.


This notice is to inform you of scheduled maintenance at our Charlotte, NC facility.   This maintenance window spans two days: Saturday, September 21st 2019 and Sunday, September 22nd 2019.  Expected downtime, however, should not exceed 1 hour for any particular server or service (roughly estimated at 20 minutes per server).


Staff will be physically moving rackmount servers from a handful of cabinets in a legacy building to an adjacent, modern building on the same campus.   This building currently houses the majority of our infrastructure in Charlotte, NC and the legacy building is scheduled to be converted into a new NOC (network operations center).   Saturday, the 21st will partially be devoted to preparations and testing to ensure that all migrations will be fast and uneventful.  Most servers will physically be moved on Sunday, the 22nd.   Our staff will ensure that all machines will be shut down gracefully and that they boot back up successfully.  If for some reason you have a specific request (scheduling or otherwise), please open a support ticket and we will do our best to accommodate.
The new facility allows for greater control of our network, additional capacity, and plenty of scalability.   


Our valued clients can expect the same phenomenal uptime and support.   No IP addressing or any other functionality will change.  Please contact us with any questions.   Your continued business is greatly appreciated!


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