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Los Angeles Peer 1 SERVICE IMPACTING Maintenance - 11/14 @ 7pm PST

  • Wednesday, 13th November, 2019
  • 21:40pm

Dear Client
As a response to an incident that occurred back on March 11th that affected cabinets LA77 and LA78 switch stack in Peer 1 LAX,
an audit has revealed that it would be beneificial to move IPv4 and IPv6 netblocks onto a higher capacity device.
During this maintenance, netblocks assigned to LA77 and LA78 (including those used for VPS and shared hosting in Peer 1 Los Angeles)  will lose connectivity briefly as technicians:
- Re-configure the vlan for ports lax-port-h4y-gige2 & lax-port-h4y-gige3 to have VRRP.
The netblock was already moved back in March but it only resides on 1 of the 2 core routers so at the moment there is no redundancy at the layer 3 level. 
- Move the vlan for port lax-port-h4y-gige1 from the switch onto the routers and configure VRRP on them.
Downtime is not expected to exceed 5-30 min.

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